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Thomas Dogu

San Francisco : A new objective to achieve...

Currently studying at EBS Paris, I apply for an internship in the Finance market.
Before to come to San Francisco, I had my own opinion about the city. I knew it would be a good experience because there are many ideas, many startups, many businesses. I knew I had to speak to people, listen the courses, visit places in order to improve my vision. I came to San Francisco to learn. I wanted to learn many things like the start of Silicon Valley, I wanted to speak with the teachers because I'm interested in their subjects. I think all the teachers of INSEEC are a "gold mine", I know it's their experiences that is why I focus. Sins I've been here, I feel I improve my english. My english level was bad, even if I'm here for one month, speak, listhen and read english enable to train and improve. Not only in the language, my expedition enable to change ma vision. I have never traveled to US before so I had to adapt myself to the country. I visited places like Golden Gate Bridge or Silicon Valley. It's a treasure, I took many pictures. I know I'm lucky to be in San Francisco. As I would like to work in the Finance, I take this opportunity to learn the basics of coding and find an intership. I can imagine myself in the futur, work in the financial district, make money in a startup who is growing. It's a dream I would like to realize.

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Thomas Dogu

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